About Us

We understand the manufacturing and business world which is why we built this site. We know you have to deal with minimums orders and sometimes buy a little extra to get the better price. We know configurations and formulas change that make some parts or ingredients obsolete. We know that sometimes sales are over-projected and too many components and ingredients are purchased. This is why many manufacturers and businesses have excess supply laying around in their facilities and warehouses.

How do you get rid of this extra inventory? Post it to Excess Supply List! We don’t try to “take a piece of the action” like other sites do. We just want to give you a place to connect and sell your left-over inventory to other manufactures and business that may need it. You can really find good deals on inventory that people no longer want. Go ahead and give us a try!

Manufacturers buy ingredients or components for projects and often have left over supply they have no use for but are perfectly fine.

List your items to be purchased by other manufacturers, suppliers, mom & pops, and others.

Mom & Pop shops sometimes buy more of one item than they need that another store might want.

We Tip the Balance
in Your Favor